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24 Hour Monitoring

All our intruder alarms can be covered by 24 Hour Monitoring. Your alarm system would be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, which constantly monitors the security and safety of your premises.

When a monitored alarm at your home or business is activated, the signal is received at the Alarm Receiving Centre within seconds, generating a pre-agreed response. Normally this means verifying the authenticity of the alarm, before notifying the appropriate emergency service and contacting nominated key holders.

24 Hour Monitoring can also provide remote video and audio surveillance, fire and medical assistance monitoring.

RedCARE Option

For added resilience, upgrade your 24 hour monitored solution with RedCARE Secure Alarm Signalling. RedCARE is a service provided by BT, which ensures the integrity of the phone connection between your premises and the Alarm Receiving Centre, protecting you against problems like malicious line cutting.


For total security, GSM RedCARE provides the standard RedCARE service with the additional benefit that communications with the Alarm Receiving Centre also take place over a mobile telephone network, thus providing absolute verification of the alarm activation.


Alarm Installers Ickenham

Ickenham alarm installers

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