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Biometric Safes
Ickenham security company   Biometric safes are not opened using a combination, they use the fingerprint of the owner. This adds reassurance that the safe will not be opened by somebody other than yourself.
Hotel Safes
security company Ickenham   Hotel room safes are designed to be simple for guests to operate, whilst still offering reliable security and peace of mind. We also supply safety deposit boxes and back office safes for hotel staff use rather than guests.
Luxury Safes

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  The Eurovault Lx offers a complete bespoke solution to create your perfect safe. The team of expert craftsmen and women strive for perfection to create every unique Eurovault Lx masterpiece.
The finest solid wood, handcrafted jewellery drawers finished in luxurious suede or leather offering the highest standards of British craftsmanship.

Stockinger and Döttling are two of the most prestigious brands in the World of luxury safes. Precision engineering and security ensure the highest standards are met to protect your watches, jewellery and other valuables.

Is your safe really safe?

ECB is the European Certification Body. The European Certification Body (ECB) is a neutral certification body accredited to ISO/IEC 17065. It issues ECB•S certificates for products of the security industry.

All of the safes that we supply and fit hold a ECB•S certificate so you can be sure that they are fit for purpose and offer an excellent level of security.

Helpful FAQ's on Safes
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