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Security Maintenance

Having installed a security system, it is important to keep it well maintained to prevent it from activating in error, or failing to activate in the event of intrusion.

Your alarm system must also be regularly maintained to comply with British Standard 4737. It may also be a condition of your home insurance policy; insurers may reject claims if the owner or occupier of a property cannot provide evidence that the alarm has been regularly serviced.

"Octagon provides two levels of coverage – Standard and Gold – and will help you determine which is most appropriate for you. "


Maintenance coverage includes provision for:

burglar alarm installer Ickenham Full annual service of your alarm system
security companies Ickenham Access to 24-hour call-out facility with a maximum response time of 4 hours
Ickenham security company Access to 24-hour help line to deal with minor problems with your alarm system
security company Ickenham Reduced call out charges

For systems linked to a Central Monitoring Station, we carry out 6- monthly service checks.

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