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Door Entry Systems
Door Access Ickenham

Door Entry

These systems manage calls at the entrance to a building, whether it be a house, a block of flats, or even a commercial building such as a warehouse. Entry is controlled by audio or visual communication between the inside and outside. The main feature of door entry systems is that it allows the person inside to identify the visitor before they decide whether or not to allow entry. You can never be too careful when answering the door to a stranger, door entry systems take out the element of the unknown with who is standing on the other side. You will be safe and secure knowing that you can identify the visitor.

Audio Door Entry Systems
Access Control Ickenham Audio door entry systems consist of a keypad on the outside of a property, with buttons on it that communicate with a handset within the property.
Access Control Ickenham The user on the inside can then communicate with the visitor using the microphones and speakers in the keypad and handset.
Access Control Ickenham A button on the handset enables the user to remotely unlock the door and let the visitor gain entry into the property.

Video Entry

For additional security, video entry for your home or workplace helps protect you from unwanted visitors. It allows you to screen visitors visually before admitting them or answering the door. It enables you to turn away unwanted callers before they enter your premises.

Access Control Ickenham Video door entry systems work on the same principle as audio entry systems, with a keypad on the outside and a handset on the inside.
Access Control Ickenham However they have the bonus of having a camera on the keypad and a screen integrated into the handset.
Access Control Ickenham This gives the person inside two chances to identify the visitor. Should just audio not be sufficient, the camera footage provides another opportunity to identify them.
access control Ickenham
"Door entry systems provide a simple means of audible communication with your visitors, and door release where required."
Access Control Ickenham
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