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Fight crime and deter intruders like never before with Perimeter Alarms

Vox Sentry is a brand new concept in security systems. Conventional alarm systems are proven to prevent crime but Vox Sentry provides the ultimate deterrent and complete peace of mind. As a stand-alone system or the perfect partner to your existing security system, Vox Sentry offers a unique and ground breaking step forward in the fight against crime.

Did you know? Our team have worked across the local area for over 30 years, installing alarm systems from our head office in Ickenham. We're one of the areas highest accredited security companies.

Perimeter Alarms Ickenham
Based in Ickenham, our team have installed
numerous intruder alarms in properties of all sizes
across the local area.
Vox Sentry Perimeter detection can work in 3 phases:

burglar alarm installer Ickenham As an intruder approaches, a movement detector activates the first phase of the system and an audible warning message is played through the Vox Sentry speaker.
Ickenham burglar alarm installers Further movement prompts the second phase, activating a different message and alerting a control centre or dialling a preset telephone number to contact the owner of the system.
home alarms Ickenham The final phase is activated if movement continues, triggering lighting alarms and CCTV cameras where fitted and playing a third message.
At each stage the system will reset itself if it detects no further movement.

Each of the three messages above are completely user configurable and the perimeter alarm system can trigger any of the additional features at any stage. A wireless option is available where required, as is an optional remote control for setting the system upon leaving the property.

Speak to our team today about Perimeter Alarms

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