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24 Hour alarm monitoring and verified Police response

All our intruder alarms can be covered by 24 Hour Monitoring. Your alarm system would be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, which constantly monitors the security and safety of your premises.

When a monitored alarm at your home or business is activated, the signal is received at the Alarm Receiving Centre within seconds, generating a pre-agreed response. Normally this means verifying the authenticity of the alarm, before notifying the appropriate emergency service and contacting nominated key holders.

Did you know? 24 Hour Monitoring can also provide remote video and audio surveillance, fire and medical assistance monitoring where required.

Alarm Monitoring Ickenham
Don't leave the responsibility up to your
neighbours or staff to react to your alarm - with alarm monitoring you can be assured of a response.
Alarm Monitoring Ickenham   Alarm Monitoring Ickenham
Intruder Alarms Ickenham
BT Redcare

BT Redcare is the UK's most reliable alarm signalling provider, offering an uncompromised mode of alarm monitoring.

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Intruder Alarms Ickenham
BT Redcare + GSM

GSM offers all of the reliability and features of standard Redcare monitoring, with the addition of a backup mobile connection.

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"When you're away from home, your security systems are your guardians, keeping your property safe."

If you are often away from your property, on holiday or travelling for business, your home or business can be left vulnerable to being targeted. Remote alarm monitoring can help you combat this fears by enlisting trained professionals to watch over your property when you're away. In the event of an alarm trigger, our team can verify the detection and alert keyholders or the Police to attend.

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Alarm Monitoring Ickenham
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